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 BATracer ForumDiscussion forum for all things BATracer.-6 
 General Discussion-333262 
 Formula OneNon-game-related F1 general banter.-53434 
 Off TopicAs requested by players: somewhere to discuss all other off topic automotive, racing and miscellaneous subjects!-162512 
 Carset RequestsWant a specific race series, real or ficticious, or maybe even a custom one for your forum? Beg for it in here.-21714 
 Carset BuildingOrganise and collaborate on privateer carset building projects.-19725 
 Donations and SponsorshipQuestions about the pixel advertising system or donations.-2784 
 Private Games - Drives AvailableIf you are looking for some dedicated players to fill some slots in your private game, post your requests here.-37644 
 Rejected Private Game AdvertsIf you are posting a private game advert, please follow the submission rules. Posts which don't will be censored and moved to here.-999 
 Team MatesLooking for an honest reliable team mate? Post or respond to ads.-12028 
 Clan BanterAll clan discussion, clan ads and join requests in here.-5443 
 Forum Tests and TrashRoom for testing out this weird but funky little forum!-35401 
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