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526.75 Gb transferred since Tuesday 28 February 2006.
203,327,071 hits.
March 2021459.41 Mb14713821
February 20212.42 Gb74241844
January 20212.36 Gb57259844
December 20202.59 Gb68476936
November 20202.52 Gb70633850
October 20202.40 Gb69437052
September 20201.70 Gb51069753
August 20201.68 Gb49512161
July 20201.54 Gb41997355
June 20201.49 Gb42261460
May 20202.12 Gb64975081
April 20202.08 Gb59394662
March 20201.88 Gb56935046
February 20201.63 Gb45243532
January 20201.72 Gb49082133
December 20191.76 Gb53359924
November 20191.81 Gb51835232
October 20191.46 Gb52716236
September 20191.97 Gb79644041
August 20191.76 Gb52869441
July 20192.33 Gb121772134
June 20191.92 Gb90910634
May 20191.40 Gb41185943
April 20191.42 Gb53722733
March 20191.55 Gb55141639
February 20191.36 Gb47660038
January 20191.38 Gb42186235
December 20181.38 Gb49921942
November 20181.45 Gb48723036
October 20181.48 Gb45521939
September 20181.20 Gb34760941
August 20181.73 Gb62635744
July 20181.49 Gb45894943
June 20181.51 Gb52766739
May 20181.89 Gb85211438
April 20182.16 Gb87215458
March 20182.11 Gb74042554
February 20181.74 Gb53552845
January 20181.77 Gb57101545
December 20171.87 Gb67040359
November 20171.72 Gb57462260
October 20171.84 Gb65572351
September 20171.62 Gb52752350
August 20171.66 Gb60035353
July 20171.97 Gb78044957
June 20173.50 Gb131911359
May 20172.14 Gb81329367
April 20171.33 Gb45315366
March 20171.31 Gb43912169
February 20171.72 Gb66708478
January 20171.36 Gb50391177
December 20163.28 Gb136189273
November 2016781.88 Mb30359878
October 2016689.66 Mb28196376
September 2016940.93 Mb39304880
August 2016977.41 Mb35688191
July 20161.36 Gb382917101
June 20161.77 Gb37695589
May 20161.80 Gb56184681
April 20161.46 Gb40463197
March 20161.35 Gb422009100
February 20161.48 Gb46034897
January 20161.06 Gb30490889
December 20151.00 Gb28087376
November 20151.12 Gb40159597
October 20151021.86 Mb31307391
September 20151.08 Gb40017184
August 20151.24 Gb47284294
July 20151.29 Gb494502102
June 20151.02 Gb374553102
May 20151.18 Gb429194105
April 20151.24 Gb46628498
March 20151.27 Gb487143115
February 20151.45 Gb612861115
January 20151.58 Gb605763111
December 20141.77 Gb689038117
November 20141.93 Gb809416136
October 20141.70 Gb648398130
September 20142.00 Gb820076150
August 20141.13 Gb544604115
July 2014848.29 Mb423503110
June 20141.34 Gb594597112
May 20141.12 Gb489522115
April 20141.61 Gb709369120
March 20141.23 Gb630078146
February 20141.35 Gb640516119
January 20141.58 Gb803369135
December 20131.40 Gb678355149
November 20131.73 Gb715724152
October 20131.13 Gb538406150
September 20131.25 Gb606078173
August 20132.13 Gb1004573196
July 20132.15 Gb968044192
June 20131.74 Gb762112163
May 20131.81 Gb772158166
April 20131.52 Gb617110176
March 20132.15 Gb931473193
February 20131.92 Gb775490177
January 20131.97 Gb804592203
December 20122.30 Gb927507198
November 20122.66 Gb961631218
October 20123.22 Gb1081108189
September 20123.50 Gb1204191226
August 20123.36 Gb1206072202
July 20124.08 Gb1407931219
June 20123.99 Gb1347584236
May 20124.11 Gb1433432259
April 20124.16 Gb1388299279
March 20124.08 Gb1366419275
February 20124.03 Gb1472055244
January 20123.95 Gb1325264248
December 20113.73 Gb1389983249
November 20112.74 Gb1166383268
October 20113.12 Gb1310914294
September 20112.60 Gb1088329309
August 20112.31 Gb1014174310
July 20112.36 Gb1006701309
June 20112.59 Gb1079145290
May 20112.37 Gb982355321
April 20112.69 Gb1126714341
March 20112.14 Gb904426322
February 20111.99 Gb825343301
January 20112.41 Gb940594321
December 20102.28 Gb885082331
November 20102.52 Gb945548323
October 20103.28 Gb1238234362
September 20103.23 Gb1245878369
August 20103.29 Gb1298059371
July 20103.53 Gb1401424332
June 20104.09 Gb1633299355
May 20103.93 Gb1588254380
April 20103.79 Gb1541351391
March 20104.76 Gb1896289437
February 20103.98 Gb1527992382
January 20103.81 Gb1532548416
December 20093.33 Gb1378145378
November 20096.83 Gb2717408597
October 20095.22 Gb2018811475
September 20095.64 Gb2153477513
August 20097.16 Gb2742023588
July 20096.23 Gb2399562599
June 20096.39 Gb2555393627
May 20096.32 Gb2534520599
April 20097.77 Gb3097189649
March 20096.55 Gb2535007612
February 20095.06 Gb1986090558
January 20096.59 Gb2554010530
December 20086.32 Gb2396470526
November 20085.88 Gb2211653537
October 20086.97 Gb2660003652
September 20085.26 Gb2019060584
August 20084.39 Gb1776433598
July 20085.29 Gb2123958631
June 20087.53 Gb3022407663
May 20086.46 Gb2656838644
April 20087.43 Gb3026552678
March 20087.64 Gb3093154703
February 20085.19 Gb2085052611
January 20085.84 Gb2404619654
December 20075.11 Gb2111866657
November 20075.10 Gb2069384659
October 20075.49 Gb2205348699
September 20075.35 Gb2023233690
August 20075.42 Gb2215699702
July 20075.56 Gb2234703726
June 20076.10 Gb2446795753
May 20075.69 Gb2305505874
April 20076.22 Gb2413113654
March 20077.99 Gb3080460620
February 20075.45 Gb2067748525
January 20076.33 Gb2454550479
December 20064.65 Gb1882575412
November 20064.61 Gb1945926434
October 20064.00 Gb1704609400
September 20063.50 Gb1459096384
August 20063.29 Gb1461900360
July 20062.42 Gb1134238328
June 20063.32 Gb1552405320
May 20063.09 Gb1531300310
April 20062.32 Gb1196151247
March 2006955.72 Mb506408132
February 20061.43 Mb6002
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User Traffic (June 2012)

 UserBandwidth UsedHits 
1Geoff Wells (lvanderpool)21.24 Mb10240
2POW! (bigjpow)21.17 Mb7609
3Víctor Faeda (brazuka)18.18 Mb9243
4Devashish Gopalan (gdevashish)17.15 Mb7957
5Marcel Stüwert (belikesenf)15.11 Mb7465
6Ernst Blofeld (fozzi)13.54 Mb5059
7Jorge Botelho (botelho)13.13 Mb5228
8Michael Frijlink (mikeymike)12.55 Mb5132
9kirk musto (kirkus182)12.00 Mb6128
10Alan Lomax (abluent)9.09 Mb4682
11Chaz Walk (chazwalk)9.00 Mb4795
12Joe Petrafassi (fazzibear)8.32 Mb4093
13Fer Morcillo (fermillo79)8.28 Mb4189
14Benedict Schnyder (forzaminardi)8.26 Mb3482
15almightywiggles (mrflibble)8.21 Mb3063
16Dom has spoken (dominikmayer)8.06 Mb3330
17Hector Hanon (hek2006)7.64 Mb3296
18stephen halliday (stephen1937)7.50 Mb2775
19Moses Lawn (moseslawn)7.33 Mb2946
20Peter Koot (peko1965)7.17 Mb3285
21Nathan Ha (ralliart)6.67 Mb3267
22Adam Wenborn (azza369)6.52 Mb2585
23Alexander Izdraila (crashkid)5.96 Mb2564
24Paul Jones (bananaphone)5.71 Mb2864
25Nihal Velpanur (nihalv)5.62 Mb2915
26Wiggles (wiggles)5.37 Mb1974
27Chris Louth (slouth)5.19 Mb1946
28Josh Wood (esquire47)5.08 Mb2046
29Garry Smith (garry307)4.88 Mb2238
30Sami Byron (samibyron)4.87 Mb2332
31Jacob Reid (ayrton66)4.86 Mb2324
32Aro Dyzel (arodyzel)4.70 Mb2040
33Alex Young (alexyoung)4.19 Mb1708
34Leck (leck)4.07 Mb1667
35Shane Rodgers (aussieman)3.68 Mb1840
36Chad Dunbar (lugnutusa)3.65 Mb1863
37Oliver West (jaydin)3.61 Mb1868
38hugo godinho (synthethic)3.46 Mb1780
39Alders (alders)3.37 Mb1742
40Ryan Bobbitt (drummer08)3.26 Mb1688
41Tom Hartley (sennaesque)3.14 Mb1614
42James Donald (donald29)2.99 Mb1547
43Frazer Tranter (petercrouch)2.98 Mb1121
44Scott Gull (kosmic22)2.76 Mb1359
45Alex Cox (coxy)2.54 Mb1055
46Daniel Puddicombe (dan99p2)2.36 Mb801
47Randall Ruggles (metalteeth9)2.27 Mb1075
48Christophe van Houtte (krystoff)2.24 Mb846
49Conor Matchett (conorm11)2.24 Mb1060
50Martin McAlpine (mbjuson)2.18 Mb545
51Carter Lea (carterlea)2.16 Mb842
52John Malcolm (hopingtung)2.06 Mb1048
53Jim Norton (jimnorton)2.01 Mb480
54Jakub (jakub84)2.01 Mb549
55Mike Aurilio (estaban)1.98 Mb770
56Tim Johnson (tim1516)1.93 Mb893
57Raigo Fox (racingfever2)1.85 Mb829
58Albert Ahern (rockon)1.85 Mb680
59Tim Finnigan (timf)1.84 Mb763
60Matthew Reid (matthew13666)1.78 Mb799
61Paul Isom (paww2k)1.67 Mb875
62Phil Anderson (merlins)1.66 Mb804
63Ryan Croft (ryancroft)1.65 Mb738
64Clover (beau99)1.63 Mb676
65Yuri Laszlo (dexterjau3)1.58 Mb780
66Paul Rademaker (poalala)1.55 Mb637
67Wade Durrington (durro)1.53 Mb591
68Marc Ferring (newtown)1.51 Mb611
69Camilo Miranda (tagliani77)1.43 Mb844
70Julian Raitang (wilson20x)1.39 Mb710
71Carl Lennon (batracer)1.35 Mb594
72BC (beesballas)1.29 Mb521
73Elliot Southerton (elliot1992)1.27 Mb515
74Matt Simons (mrhat)1.27 Mb522
75Hawker Mark (skyhawker)1.22 Mb680
76Kris Duncan (dem0n)1.16 Mb466
77Scott Hawkes (hawkes)1.12 Mb486
78Atanas Gorev (veritas)1.10 Mb483
79James Matthews (sullivangate)1.09 Mb537
80Pieczar (pieczar)1.07 Mb642
81David Smith (dtdude)1018.78 Kb394
82Timotej Andonovski (bolkatimo)1004.48 Kb589
83Chris Ford (csf)950.72 Kb462
84ashley mcauley (mcauley)945.65 Kb361
85Michael Grandy (mgrandy)929.60 Kb415
86Marc Hatton (hatton93)925.88 Kb355
87Sjaak Lagewaard (sjaak)912.68 Kb374
88Stubbzie (stubbzie07)912.48 Kb419
89Bill Guy (onemanual)891.16 Kb368
90Marcel Schot (neuronix)866.41 Kb162
91Timothy Mabbutt (dagindahouz)719.81 Kb366
92Matt Jordan (mattjordan)714.37 Kb277
93Mark Andrews (darkenforca)713.17 Kb175
94Will Smith (w1llana)578.35 Kb207
95stuart rea (stu7373)565.92 Kb246
96Paul Fee (fee)558.08 Kb223
97Jason Houghton (jhoughton91w)557.09 Kb180
98Matt Cridland (silverfang)527.87 Kb266
99Lone (lonewolf)524.41 Kb264
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