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User:Chris Louth
Locale:United Kingdom
Joined:25 Oct 2007

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Re: bogus accounts23:13 Tuesdaypaul
Re: bogus accounts20:50 Tuesday4/4 public games could be a blatant reason
Re: bogus accounts12:32 TuesdayBe careful, one of these people use the forum Which narrows it down to about 4 people
Re: Multi accounters20:21 Mon 8The 86 game just started
Re: Where are the Minardi and ASG fans?15:52 Mon 8Thanks Jason for taking atleast 3 of the 28 spots
Re: 2018 Japanese GP11:09 Sun 7Half of the grid today apparently
Re: Silly Driver Names03:23 Sat 6Nando Doris in the current '86 game Ban him
Re: 2018 Sochi GPSun 30 SepWhat part of strategy did Ferrari get right? Vettel getting ahead of Hamilton was yet another Merced
Re: 2018 Singapore GPMon 17 SepNot really. It has been slower since Germany where obviously the rain saved Merc and then in quali f
Re: 2018 Italian GPMon 3 SepI think you need to lighten up
Re: 2018 Italian GPSun 2 SepWouldn't surprise me if he did adopt an "I dont give a shit" attitude. He does think he is above all
Re: The Very Newest General Discussion ThreadSat 1 SepLoving the language on show here guys
Re: Have a Gloat XLII, for all your gloating needs!Fri 31 AugCongrats on winning Indy "Tim"
Re: The Stress Thread XLIIITue 28 Auggreat advice thanks
Re: The Stress Thread XLIIITue 28 AugIs there a way to hide the join public game page to help resist the temptation of playing this bulls
Re: The Very Newest General Discussion ThreadMon 27 AugUnfortunately for you the cars don't line up on the grid for a standing start every lap of the race
Re: Rumour Mill 2.0Mon 27 AugWhy do you keep saying his double DNF in Monaco was unfortunate?
Re: Constructor statesideWed 8 AugDid it fill or was it deleted?
Re: 2018 Hungarian GPFri 3 Augthat would then make two drivers in the history of f1 to have ever moaned
Re: 2018 Hungarian GPFri 3 AugUntil he starts winning
Re: Constructor statesideTue 31 JulActually 2 now
Re: 2018 Hungarian GPMon 30 Jul(15:53:13 Sun 29 Jul 18 GMT) J-Pow wrote:<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 id=tx><tr><td i
Re: FORMULA 1 EMIRATES GROSSER PREIS VON DEUTSCHLAND 2018Sun 22 JulErr yes i'm not that one eyed. I'm pretty disappointed they called off the race today too. I did rea
Re: FORMULA 1 EMIRATES GROSSER PREIS VON DEUTSCHLAND 2018Sun 22 Jul<img src=..//-s?16 align=middle>
Re: 2018 British GPWed 18 JulInteresting you don't have a bad word to say about anybody who suddenly has a connection with Ferrar
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