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User:Aaron Campbell
Fordtown, Campbell
Joined:19 Jun 2007

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Re: Holiday Mode18 Sep 2009That was what I was looking for. Thanks. I don't like the fact that I had gone AWOL before because
Holiday Mode18 Sep 2009Just to be clear because I have never been fully understanding of holiday mode. Please explain to
Re: NASCAR Sprint Cup 200917 Sep 2009Hit that nail on the head. F1 86
Re: TORC17 Sep 2009I'm game to work on it. I know Ricky Johnson, Johnny Graves, Marty Hart, Robert Naughton, Randy Ell
Re: LMES Cadillac Template16 Sep 2009<IMG SRC="">
Re: LMES Cadillac Template16 Sep 2009<IMG SRC="">
Re: LMES Cadillac Template16 Sep 2009I've put some revision to the template.
Re: LMES Cadillac Template16 Sep 2009<IMG SRC="">
LMES Cadillac Template16 Sep 2009I've asked before and frankly the car I created before was crap on a stick. This is the 2002 Cadill
Re: Another Anti-Cherrying Picking Idea26 Sep 2007Actually I prefer Spyker or BMW! McLaren and I didn't fare well nor have I done well in Ferarri's.
Re: bronze, silver, gold membership (revisited)26 Sep 2007Exactly. Unless we are grandfathered in.
Re: Strange laws27 Aug 2007I think that caffeine law is a good thing. When I was there in May I noticed that many Canuks are h
Re: BATracer Clan World Cup27 Aug 2007Pencil Campbell Racing Inc. in on this.
Re: Campaign for new carset!27 Aug 2007I love the idea of adding DTM. How about a rebirth series of the old World Super Touring Cars. DTM
Re: NASCAR: The cool place to be?27 Aug 2007Robby isn't a moron, but he has a problem with thinking things out.
Re: Strange laws21 Aug 2007As long as you have a permit for carry. However you have to show the weapon to the police if they p
Re: BTCC Earlier21 Aug 2007Because it is Fabrizo Giovanardi. He needs no explanation he just does it!
Re: Crash Stills21 Aug 2007Here are a few crash shots I took from Rockcrawling Competitions: Jesse Haines 2006 Jammin' @ Jel
Re: Track design challenge16 Aug 2007This tack is to be located near Charlotte in Rowan County, NC.
Re: Some interesting pictures16 Aug 2007Dang was Scuderia Toro Rosso involved in any way. <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle>
Re: High Rock International16 Aug 2007I likes is that the North Carolina road course that is getting much play here in the states. Also a
Re: My take on the "cherry picking"16 Aug 2007I don't cherry pick, but I usually can sign up early. I actually perfer racing something else in F1
Re: Rolex, Baja/SCORE and WRC14 Aug 2007I threw the idea for a short course off-road set, but no interest. WRC has been discussed, and we h
Re: Scott Speed to NASCAR14 Aug 2007Well it is all about spin.
Re: Campbell Racing Inc.14 Aug 2007Just expanded back to active
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