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User:Juan Solo
Locale:United Kingdom
Joined:14 Mar 2006

Most Recent Topics
Re: Buzzez people6 Feb 2007Any of you cunts want a drink?
Re: New BATracer Logo27 Mar 2006Needs more crashes <img src=..//-s?20 align=middle>
Historic GTs18 Mar 2006917s P4s GT40s T70s Proper racing cars <img src=..//-s?20 align=middle> An endurance series
Re: Mobile success!16 Mar 2006Works fine in Safari now. Sliders are spot on and they were the only thing that didn't work in the o
Re: Feature request15 Mar 2006Ding, this would save typage.
Re: Forthcoming Carsets14 Mar 2006Lol!
Re: Forthcoming Carsets14 Mar 2006Got to model the nails. Though the donkeyvoort would leave everyone for dead, the PPE would be brok
Re: Hello!14 Mar 2006Hail!

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