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User:Aaron Bridge
Locale:United Kingdom
Joined:13 Aug 2006

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Re: How to view top world records?23 Jan 2011If you set the lap time in a private game, will it still go in the world record table? I just set
Re: How to view top world records?22 Jan 2011Ok, I found someone with a record at the same track using the same carset. It isn't on my profile ye
How to view top world records?22 Jan 2011Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I haven't been on batracer for years <img src=..//-s?23 alig
Re: Sig Problem29 Oct 2007Today I went to look back at my first games in the archives, but the first two have both disappeared
Pitstops and tyre choices3 Aug 2007I know that you can start on soft tyres and switch to hard in your pitstops, but is it possible to d
Re: IMPORTANT.4 Apr 2007I just found it by luck - halfway through it has the word 'sensuousness' in capital letters. This is
Re: IMPORTANT.24 Mar 2007This is the same backwards... Scary stuff <img src=..//-s?25 align=middle> Star? Not I! Movie
Re: Japanese F1 intro!23 Mar 2007Sorry, posted this in a rush and didn't see the other topic <img src=..//-s?16 align=middle>
Japanese F1 intro!23 Mar 2007I just found this, its absolutely hilarious! Why can't they ever do anything like this over here?
Re: Practice laps22 Feb 2007OK, thanks.
Practice laps22 Feb 2007I've been playing on batracer for a while now, but just recently I saw a driver in my latest F1 2002
Do you get to look back on your old championship results?5 Sep 2006I'm on the last race of my first championship, and I wouldn't be surprised if it would be the best I
Re: What does the L in the online drivers window mean?31 Aug 2006Thanks <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle>
What does the L in the online drivers window mean?31 Aug 2006I've been wondering for ages!

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