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Joined:28 Feb 2006

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Re: Giving KT to second acc28 Jan 2010Sadly not. <img src=..//-s?16 align=middle> If you don't have a credit card don't forget you can us
Page Update1 Sep 2009The "Results - Race by Race" page has been cleaned up, now correctly formatted making it easier to s
Re: lrgp25 Aug 2009stop reposting this - thanks!
Private Games Now Available10 Aug 2009Private games are now available to be setup and created for the following carsets: <center><img s
Extra Setup for Single Car Teams6 Aug 2009The chance of a car getting setup feedback in a single car team has been increased in the following
Multi-Accounting Rules Cleared Up1 Aug 2009Multi-accounting appears to be a grey area. Multi-accounting without KT has always been a no-no, bu
Re: Interested Teams Tab31 Jul 2009betcha thought yer were been so darn witty! <img src=..//-s?23 align=middle>
Re: Cherrypicking System31 Jul 2009tied up in holiday mode? surely nows a great time to launch some new carsets!! <img src=..//-s?30 a
Re: New Cherry Picking Controls31 Jul 2009don't worry if you don't understand a word - i said the best explanation would be no explanation !!
Cherrypick Restrictions Abolished!31 Jul 2009The old anti-cherrypick system has been abolished, in favour of a new system to be delivered soon.
Re: Suggestion - Clan Home - More Detail25 Jul 2009well dont ask me i havnt worked on the game for ages 'cept for my daily tasks. one day i want a but
Re: Suggestion - Clan Home - More Detail25 Jul 2009we dont was hackers up to no good <img src=..//-s?38 align=middle>
Re: Uploading Track Maps25 Jul 2009dont give into their demands!!!!
Re: Suggestion - Clan Home - More Detail25 Jul 2009in your dreams pal!
Clan Status25 Jul 2009<img src=..//-s?61 align=middle> A new Clan Status page has been added, detailing the current progre
Map Database Available25 Jul 2009<img src= align=left> A track map database is now available to carset
Profile Comments Bug Fixed13 Jul 2009The profile comments bug that sometimes occurred when a long message finished with a smilie has been
Improved Server4 Jul 2009<img src=..//-s?27 align=middle> We have made some additional improvements in the past week to furth
LMES Private Games4 Jun 2009LMES has been made available as a private game. <center><img src=></ce
PaintCar for Carset Editors3 Jun 2009<img src= align=left> A simple program has been released for carset editor
Indy 500 Multiple Winners3 May 2009<table border=0 width=100% height=100% bgcolor=white><tr><td id=xm><img src=
F1 2009 Upgrades3 May 2009<img src= align=left> The rate of car performance upgrades in the F1 2009 c
Latest Changes18 Apr 2009We have made a trio of small updates: <img src= align=left> 1) KERS i
F1 2009 Gets Fuel Rule6 Apr 2009<img src= align=left> Good news which - together with the single warmup la
F1 2009 is go!3 Apr 2009We simply couldn't wait any longer... <center><img src=></center> We
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