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Re: Safety Car Laps...6 Mar 2007(19:25:55 Tue 6 Mar 07 GMT) Jay Gilbert wrote: Why doesn't the lap counter pause & then restart aga
Safety Car Laps...6 Mar 2007When a safety car is employed, why is it that the laps that are not raced during it's time on the tr
Re: Annoucement Area19 Feb 2007I admit i hadn't noticed as many random events in the past as i do these past few months...But that
Re: Annoucement Area19 Feb 2007Oh & just to add... I'm not appealing for the game to be changed or anythin about it, merely expr
Re: Annoucement Area19 Feb 2007I know what ya mean David & i appreciate you tryna clear it up for me... But, even with logical e
Re: Annoucement Area19 Feb 2007What's to do with mid season?... All i did was express my dissapountment that the announcement di
Re: Annoucement Area19 Feb 2007You encouragin me to go awol in the middle of a season?... Maybe my occasional vocal expression o
Re: Annoucement Area19 Feb 2007Shame he didn't announce he was removin the randomness... It's gonna take more than a few novelty c
Re: DNF's - ridiculous flaw in the game12 Feb 2007Why are so many players asking what sliders are set at when people complain about the random element
Re: NOOOOOOO!!!!12 Feb 2007If any game on the net has false rankings it's this one...
Re: About : Deleting of Private Game...10 Feb 2007Thanks for the offer mate but i only play 1driver teams, A1 & V8... & to be honest the amount of th
Re: About : Deleting of Private Game...10 Feb 2007Thanks for the clarification Matt. Does this also mean that the minimum set cannot be altered to tr
Re: About : Deleting of Private Game...10 Feb 2007Btw...The latest game i was in that was deleted was ID#10111
About : Deleting of Private Game...10 Feb 2007Can someone tell me what is considered to be a good reason for the creator of a private game to dele
Re: The Bad Name Thread7 Feb 2007Hannibal Lecter ID#10661
Re: Moderation......5 Feb 2007Seeing as discussions about negative aspects of the game are not allowed here... How can i go about
Re: Private game start time?31 Jan 2007Can i request this game be deleted please?...(A1GP #10111) I've waited a month for it to start &
Re: The random factor is too high in BATracer.28 Jan 2007I think the chances are the same or it wouldn't be random would it?... The problem most people ha
Re: Changing settings "blind" prior to qualifying/racing?27 Jan 2007I'd say it depends on what you have to lose... If your praccy times compared badly to others then
Re: The random factor is too high in BATracer.27 Jan 2007I knew the game was alot to do with random factors when i got the message..."Your car has been damag
Re: Private game start time?27 Jan 2007Oops, posted in wrong place lol...
Re: Private game start time?27 Jan 2007Thanks for that Tom & Michael... I've been here long enough that i should really have known the a
Re: Private game start time?27 Jan 2007When i say "abandoned", i mean by the 'powers that be', not by the game creator...
Private game start time?27 Jan 2007Hey guys... Can someone please tell me how long a private game can go on without being started be
Re: Have a Gloat II14 Jan 2007Hmmm, i don't have many but yesterday i did...<img src=..//-s?14 align=middle> It began with an e
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