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User:Adrian Czuchaj
Lublin, Lubelskie
Joined:19 Mar 2006

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Re: how about a go kart series18 Apr 2006oh yeah i wanna try kart series!<img src=..//-s?14 align=middle>
Re: F1 2006 Champ7 Apr 2006ok we have now 17 drivers<img src=..//-s?14 align=middle> need a few<img src=..//-s?14 align=mid
Re: F1 2006 Champ6 Apr 2006hoho we have now 11 players. so we need more<img src=..//-s?14 align=middle> growing so fast!<img
F1 2006 Champ6 Apr 2006Hello racer's <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle> i've created new season. F1 2006 Champ. Need
Re: quali strategy - first attempt20 Mar 2006yes i've the same probl and i'm with maciek league(private)

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