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User:Scott Richard
Parksville, British Columbia
Joined:18 Mar 2006

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Re: New Race7 Apr 2006Join -- we need a few good players still.
Re: Suggestion: Public leagues for champions2 Apr 2006I'm with Robin on this. Someone who finishes second in a championship in a Minardi is as good as a
Re: Kool Tools: Donating or buying?24 Mar 2006(02:03:32 Fri 24 Mar 06 GMT) Matthew Harrison wrote:<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 id=t
Re: saved set-ups24 Mar 2006The setups vary too widely between cars and seasons (even same car on same track) for it to be of an
Re: This game needs leagues...22 Mar 2006Jules -- in my opinion (humble as it may be) the deadbeat teammate problem is the biggest problem i
Re: Another Weather Quuestion22 Mar 2006This topic has been covered many times in the forum. Basically the engineers advice is for full d
Tire Modelling22 Mar 2006The tire modelling needs some tweaking I think. In the last three races I have been in the fastest
Re: Fire my driver 221 Mar 2006LOL - mine was 15% -- and that was the first race of the season.

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