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User:Liandy Paul Lukimto
Krembangan, Jawa Timur [Djawa Timur]
Joined:18 Mar 2006

Most Recent Topics
Re: TO MANY MISTKAES13 Apr 2006my public game #168 currently running had me out of the race for 5-6 times in a row already. all wit
Re: Loading previous data8 Apr 2006check the right side on the circuits list. your setting is over there with each laptimes and session
Re: race data8 Apr 2006i'll second the idea! sounds good! <img src=..//-s?39 align=middle>
Re: "estimation updated"8 Apr 2006unless if the weather changes
Re: "Over Enthusiam"8 Apr 2006i think the practice/warmup system is good already. a 100% setup doesn't guarantee you will have a g
Re: sorry but.. again on wather3 Apr 2006what if it's the other way around, i had a full wet warmup and bone dry race. found a few spot ons o
Re: f1 2006 champ2 Apr 2006i joined <img src=..//-s?39 align=middle>
Re: complaint about the weather24 Mar 2006and Sepang had rain on one side of the track while sunny one the other side. now that's confusing!

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