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User:Matthew Reid
Groups: Track Marshal (Moderator);
Sydney, New South Wales
Joined:17 Mar 2006

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Re: One in a million5 Mar 2019Who needs a game to race your own car. I do that all the time in real life.
Re: Please Can a Mod Ban This Player27 Jul 2016Hey guys, the GM's are aware of this and have passed on the relevant information to get this situ
Re: Silly Driver Names10 Mar 2016(18:19:01 Wed 9 Mar 16 GMT) Swum Prop wrote:<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 id=tx><tr><t
Re: Silly Driver Names10 Mar 2016That's a private game Jason, the tools the Mods have only apply in Public games.
Re: Silly Driver Names9 Mar 2016Private games the names are free. With anything offensive being the exception.
Re: World records28 Jul 2015Don't believe so being as there is no Qualifying Session
Re: The Stress Thread XLII20 Jan 2015Paul there's a special place on the forum for advertising spaces in Private Games. I suggest you use
Re: 2015 News3 Jan 2015In breaking news the Formula One 2016 Chassis regulations have been launched. Below is an artists
Re: General Discussion9 Dec 2014(11:35:59 Mon 8 Dec 14 GMT) Adam Wenborn wrote:<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 id=tx><tr
Re: Interest check: LMES without the "cherries" - the return9 Sep 2014Not sure i was in the first LMES champ. But was in one of the early ones for sure. Always try to
Re: Interest check: LMES without the "cherries" - the return8 Sep 2014I'm keen. Always enjoy taking the Vipers for a spin and getting sick of only racing against Aston
Re: PS3 Game Room18 Jan 2014Well i work an 8am-4pm roster on Saturdays. I'm free from around 6pm my time on Saturday nights w
Re: PS3 Game Room17 Jan 2014I was thinking more a limited modification Production Touring Car Cup. The only mods allowed woul
Re: PS3 Game Room14 Jan 2014Yeah. I play GT6. Anyone interested in starting up a BATracers only Championship?
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