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Re: Home Screen - Current Game Display8 Apr 2006Hey if is a one line bit of code, maybe Jules can pop it into the next modification of that page,
Re: REAL NAMES CHAMPIONSHIP7 Apr 2006Wrong place to post this
Re: NASCAR7 Apr 2006You gotta do the Glenn. A few road races would be amazing.
Re: 2 ideas6 Apr 2006MAy as well add Figure 8 racing, if you are going down that ally...
Home Screen - Current Game Display6 Apr 2006I think it would be useful to display the currently selected game, on the home screen, which, if cli
Re: Wet Weather Prictures and Descriptions6 Apr 2006<A HREF="" target=EQ1xM></A> Teh US Englis
Re: A Message To Jules5 Apr 2006I think you just did it for him.... But I also have to agree.
Re: perfect car setup can't go faster5 Apr 2006Check out the car comparison chart, you will see, not all cars are even, and the potential may not b
Re: changing weather during race5 Apr 2006Like you don't get anoyed IRL when the weather guy is wrong <img src=..//-s?18 align=middle>
Re: changing weather during race5 Apr 2006How about a weather forcast, that isn't always right, just like the real thing. You know, when the s
Re: Server issues4 Apr 2006Thanks
Server issues4 Apr 2006Is something up with the Game server, I can't seem to access the game right now.
Place change2 Apr 2006Can you add a symbol for each driver, within the driver display that shows the place change of
Re: how it work1 Apr 2006Try the quickstart guide. All you can do till qualifying is car setup and testing.
Re: NUOVO CAMPIONATO DI FORMULA 1 - 200631 Mar 2006My very bad Italian asking if you only Ferrari's will be running? better practice my Italian. (L
Re: NUOVO CAMPIONATO DI FORMULA 1 - 200631 Mar 2006Lei correrą soltanto Ferrari?
Re: anyone got an idea of why im not finishing30 Mar 2006Look at each individually. 5 races 3 games? What are they in each game?
Re: "Over Enthusiam"30 Mar 2006How about allotting a certain amount of testing days, say 10 a season, that you can use at any tim
Team Chat Notice28 Mar 2006I was wondering this, since my absentee team mate made an apearence in the last two races. Even thou
Re: New BATracer Logo27 Mar 2006Need more Snakes! Oops, wrong forum.
Re: New BATracer Logo26 Mar 2006As my art skills are bad, I thought I woud pose an idea. How about a front wing morphed into a sort
Re: New BATracer Logo25 Mar 2006One more time, this time add the <A HREF="http://" target=EJQcK></A> <img src=..//-s?14 align=mi
Re: Another Weather Question23 Mar 2006That makes sense, thanks Jules. Looks like it will be a soaker then, with a monsoon comming. I guess
Another Weather Question23 Mar 2006In Game ID 11, the race icon shows Monsoon, but the advice during Warm Up says bone dry. Now I a
Re: I cant post in private games so i am posting here23 Mar 2006Can you post the carset too.
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