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Re: Super Augri6 May 2008goodbye SA! thank you for being our super best friends! <img src=..//-s?16 align=middle>
Re: Who is your racing hero?6 May 2008<IMG SRC=""> and <IMG SRC="http:
Re: BMW Twin towers are back...28 Jan 2008shouldnt have to worry about that, no USGP this year
Re: F1 200714 Jan 2008wrong place
Re: Car Launches14 Jan 2008looks fantastic! <img src=..//-s?39 align=middle> best of luck to BMW this season, the only way i ca
Re: Car Launches14 Jan 2008why not? BMW has been on the incline since they separated from Williams, it think they will win and
Re: "Info" MR2 World Series Liverys14 Jan 2008ok, here are our sponsors: Main sponsor: Budweiser Budvar (the REAL Budweiser) Technical spon
Re: "Info" MR2 World Series Liverys14 Jan 2008we dropped them, they missed shipping a vital piece of equipment to a race resulting in a double DNF
Re: "Info" MR2 World Series Liverys14 Jan 2008thanks <img src=..//-s?39 align=middle> was trying to make it look more like a bottle (bubles nd
Re: What are you Listening to?14 Jan 2008well, i was watching several old TG episodes for the 10,000th time (im already going into TG withdra
Re: "Info" MR2 World Series Liverys14 Jan 2008mid-season update: added textures to the paint: <IMG SRC="
Re: Pics of ur girls !13 Jan 2008whatever her background is, i dont care...she is beautiful! <img src=..//-s?39 align=middle>
Re: Sir Ed passes away13 Jan 2008another of the living legends is gone <img src=..//-s?16 align=middle>
Re: Super GT11 Jan 2008actually, there is: "Maximum weight loaded: According to the above handicap weight the maximum w
Re: Aston Martin Racing unveils Gulf livery11 Jan 2008they look best on the 917 <img src=..//-s?18 align=middle> hand down, no questions asked. that Lola
Re: So who here likes the modern F1 cars?11 Jan 2008todays cars are all techy, sharp and bristling with little pointy bits.....i guess basicaly what im
Re: Car Launches11 Jan 2008outdated and i seriously HATE this false-wheel trend that Ferrari started (as much of a Ferrari fan
Re: Car Launches9 Jan 2008<IMG SRC=""> yup. <IMG SRC="
Re: "Info" MR2 World Series Liverys9 Jan 2008diesel and a 4 door 3-series, not an M3 if you want to get REALLY anal about it, lol <img src=..//-s
Re: Pics of ur girls !8 Jan 2008i have one...if you can find me......hint: my photo looks like im freezing my a$$ off....which i wa
Re: There is something wrong with me!!6 Jan 2008of frank's more famous songs: Come fly with me
Re: Dakar rally cancelled5 Jan 2008i think i know some people at my old high school who are doomed to that fate......i think they have
Re: What do you drive on road or track?4 Jan 2008am i seriously the only Subaru driver here? surely there must be more.....
Re: "Info" MR2 World Series Liverys4 Jan 2008i know, i changed it to be higher visibility at game size....the red wasnt very visible, so i change
Re: Bring back ROC3 Jan 2008i have, since the first weekend BATracer went live, managed to win exactly 0 championships. i have T
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