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User:Rick Selby
Locale:United Kingdom
Joined:16 Mar 2006

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Re: Question11 Aug 2009The requirements are simple - <b>PM me your forum username</b>. You didn't include your forum userna
Re: The results sig?5 May 2009Blame BT / our ISP for our intermittent problems - sometimes, when people phone the house, the broad
Re: The results sig?5 May 2009Urf, yes, looks like our broadband is down. Will kick it when I get home.
Re: The results sig?16 Apr 2009That's what it says when you sign up to the forum <img src=..//-s?18 align=middle>
Re: The results sig?15 Apr 2009Whut? I activated your account back on the 10th March after you PM'd! New accounts on the forum g
Re: Results Signature Image25 Feb 2009Bugtracker is up at <A HREF="" target=E_b5c>
Re: Results Signature Image16 Feb 2009Powercut overnight, forgot to turn the server back on <img src=..//-s?16 align=middle> (and been awa
Re: Results Signature Image14 Feb 2009Whoops sorry, fixed.
Re: Results Signature Image15 Jan 2009Yes, with your forum username, then I can sort it out <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle>
Re: Results Signature Image13 Jan 2009PM me your username and I shall <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle>
Re: Results Signature Image12 Jan 2009Oh sod. I'll get it sorted...
Re: Results Signature Image12 Jan 2009Done! Indy 500 will be sorted shortly too.
Re: Results Signature Image26 Dec 2008Yeah that could be one way of putting it! I know now, I'll try to get it sorted soon...
Re: Results Signature Image4 Oct 2008Ooh yay, three new F1s... nah I'll pass thanks. Simply couldn't guarantee I would have the time e
Re: Have a Gloat XIII8 Aug 2008Nice one! That's always been my aim but I'm a long way off...
Re: Help regarding recording ps2/3 footage on computor7 Aug 2008I was about to suggest a composite to Firewire converter - we have one at home hooked up to a VCR fo
Re: Your Job?7 Aug 2008Mainly, front line software technical support. What with debts and the current price rises and al
Re: Your Job?7 Aug 2008<img src=..//-s?25 align=middle>
Re: My Partner is Pregnent...With TWINS7 Aug 2008Congratulations! And good luck! <img src=..//-s?18 align=middle>
Re: Pit Reschedule31 Jul 2008It does... but apparently has a +1 on it...
Re: A1 characteristics31 Jul 2008Hit quote and you'll see ;-) &lt;s&gt;strikethrough&lt;/s&gt;
Re: Pics from my F1 08 computer game31 Jul 2008I want a PC that will run rFactor...
Re: Pit stop strategy25 Jul 2008Jules even agrees with me: <A HREF="$1N//-ff?-fi?1&../L/-ft&../L/-fm?4" targ
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