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User:Ryan Ligon
Saint Louis, St. Louis (city)
Joined:14 Mar 2006

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Re: Spot on is 87.96%2 May 2006It just weird because it's a gameplay change from the other series. In the other series, spot on is
Spot on is 87.96%30 Apr 2006In my champcar game #1434 I had a spot on setup in bone dry conditions. The race was also in bone d
Re: Easy txt share26 Apr 2006Yes a truely awesome feature and a great time saver.
Re: Adding the Indy 50023 Apr 2006Will it have mutiple test and qualifying days?
Re: Red Bull in F1 200619 Apr 2006I just finished a season with Red Bull. Here's my results: points: 72 (2nd in the championship)
Re: Races queued again?17 Apr 2006I've noticed since the Champ cars came in there was a 30 second queue for most events where it was i
Re: Oval Pace Car17 Apr 2006Yes oval racing needs a race strategy option of "Pit under yellow when within x laps of running it
Re: Helping single driver teams to compete16 Apr 2006I really like the team game and you get rewarded for working together as a team. Those that are sin
Re: DTM12 Apr 2006The big change this year in DTM is no more Opal. It's only Mercedes and Audi. But there are 3 diff
Re: Car Comparison30 Mar 2006With the new color bars I'm a little confused. The red is the average performance of the car?
Re: How many points per position?27 Mar 2006Ack! That's a long list. <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle> So just for reference what is the p
How many points per position?27 Mar 2006There should be a column in the results that shows how many points were awarded for their position,
Re: Overtaking slower cars26 Mar 2006Good news indeed. <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle>
IRL Templates24 Mar 2006Since IRL is starting up this weekend I was at their website and found they are offering up the temp
Re: Kool Tools: Donating or buying?24 Mar 2006I agree with Paul here. Partially the reason I got Kool tools is because I had an un coomunicative
Re: Donations & Game limit24 Mar 2006With the present carsets, 2 public games and 2 private games have me pretty busy. But with future c
Lemans23 Mar 2006Just a few things to think about when you're making the Lemans series. I'm hoping for ALMS but ELMS
Re: Driver chat with No title21 Mar 2006This has happened in games 249 and 59.
Cool Attention Bar20 Mar 2006Just wanted to say that's a pretty cool attention bar on the website.
Re: Kool Tools20 Mar 2006Thinking about it. I don't like that the wet slider is in the Kool Tools. Granted the same can be
Re: Kool Tools20 Mar 2006Thanks for the new tools. I donated for it. <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle> While it does take
Re: Make it harder to get Spot On!20 Mar 2006wow
Re: How can i......?20 Mar 2006No nothing right now. The only way you can compinsate is move your practice slider up to more data.
Re: laps dissapeared20 Mar 2006Oh so "extra time to get feedback" is only supposed to be 1 lap? Because yesterday it ate 3 practic
Yellow Car for almost the whole race19 Mar 2006Did the yellow flag code get changed or is this just a fluke? BTCC game ID 24 <tbody><tr id="ti"
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