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Baia Mare
Joined:13 Mar 2006

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Re: Whats your favorite BATracer carset5 Nov 2006F1 86, F1 2006, Champcars and BTCC
Re: Favourite singer/band Private game28 Oct 2006I'm interested too. (I was Jones and Picard <img src=..//-s?39 align=middle>)
Re: F1 Update to Do Over a Period of Time For the Devs...30 Sep 2006On the other hand the current qualifying can also be confusing as it's diferent from the one used in
Re: New Front Page Request!18 Sep 2006Awesome! Definately worlds above the existing home page.
Re: What avantage for home race14 Sep 2006You are slightly faster in your home race however there is a higher chance for mistakes due to the p
Re: Btcc series query regarding tyre allocation14 Sep 2006Yeah, well you can use just one set in qual but in the race you definately use two sets.
Re: More Detailed Weather Forecasts14 Sep 2006I agree, even if its 5 probabilities of rain in 20% increments like: up to 20% - "unlikely" 20-4
Re: Bot button14 Sep 2006Alot of the ideeas expressed would be really usefull to have in the game but they've drifted alot fr
Re: Btcc series query regarding tyre allocation14 Sep 2006Actually it's two of each (Dry, Intermediate, Wet) for the Sprint Race sessions (practice, qual, war
Re: Thinker too Good13 Sep 2006Heheh, yeah that might be in order <img src=..//-s?23 align=middle> Thinker can still be usefull whe
Re: Bot button13 Sep 2006It's a good suggestion, would definately be helpfull however I have a hunch we're getting mid-season
Re: Thinker too Good13 Sep 2006(10:15:23 Wed 13 Sep 06 GMT) His Holiness wrote:<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 id=tx><t
Re: Tv/Film Game Interest Check12 Sep 2006As champion of the film series I thought I'd start my own team this time if anyone is interested in
Re: le mans enduracnce car set11 Sep 2006Hi, nice work with everything! I know I said I'd help with the track data but other things got in th
Re: le mans enduracnce car set4 Sep 2006Awesome work on the WR! How about the Pilbeam instead of the Panoz? I really don't like the ideea
Re: Thinker too Good4 Sep 2006The thing about thinker is that if you have a good team-mate thinker will hardly help you throughout
Re: le mans enduracnce car set4 Sep 2006Are you going for a fixed livery carset? If not then there's no reason to limit the number of instan
Re: le mans enduracnce car set3 Sep 2006Almost forgot, regarding the number of cars, how about setting a minimum limit of 12 or 14 cars per
Re: le mans enduracnce car set3 Sep 2006Hi, I decided to try to help out and did some research on what cars raced in ALMS, FIAGT, Le Mans an
Re: New Kool Tool idea3 Sep 2006It could be KT only because it would only save a couple of clicks and page loads like most KT featur
Re: le mans enduracnce car set2 Sep 2006Great job with the cars everyone, they look really great! You do however have some inconsistencies r
Re: World rankings23 Aug 2006Good ideea Rich! I like it. Speaking of consistency it would be nice to have an average champions
Re: pit-stops on 60+ lap races23 Aug 2006The number of laps doesn't really make the races longer. For example F1 races are all around 300km l
Re: le mans enduracnce car set22 Aug 2006mm doesn't look quite right to me at the front, the wheels should kinda bulge up. Heres a good pi
Re: le mans enduracnce car set22 Aug 2006Nice stuff guys keep up the good work <img src=..//-s?20 align=middle> One thing tough, the Viper
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