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User:Bill Benedict
Terre Haute, Vigo
Joined:13 Mar 2006

Most Recent Topics
Re: Driver characteristics24 Apr 2006Hehe, if it were my game, I'd have that option in there and let it have no positive effect at all.
Reacting to caution w/ teammate11 Apr 2006This is an issue that has come up 3 times now... reacting to a caution by pitting can screw a teamm
Re: "Over Enthusiam"6 Apr 2006Don't get snotty. Yes I understand probability. The trends I'm describing seem IMPROBABLE, that'
Re: "Over Enthusiam"5 Apr 2006The silliness continues... F1 league, I ran (accidently at first) 100% testing all 6 laps. NO en
Re: Sacking drivers.31 Mar 2006Just keep chugging along, but at the disadvantage of no teammate to share setup info with. My BTC
Re: engine advice screen not coming up in one of my games31 Mar 2006More than likely this was just a failure to download all the images for the engineer's screen. I ha
Re: Dry Practice then a wet warmup31 Mar 2006Feedback you get is for that session's weather only.
Re: Tyre condition31 Mar 2006In the real world... but is that true here as well?
Re: Safety car.. but why??30 Mar 2006ROFL! Now that I'd play in a heartbeat! Kool tools addition? <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle><im
Re: Result map lap-by-lap.30 Mar 2006Now that's something that might get me into the Kool tools... kudos Jules!
Re: Driver Inuries?30 Mar 2006I agree, the game is random enough with losses of practice laps, random breakdowns, random bad start
Re: "Over Enthusiam"30 Mar 2006For what it's worth, you're not the only one experiencing odd random losses here. I'm in 4 games,
Re: exact same quali lap times28 Mar 2006Associated bug in the qualifying results page. <A HREF="" target=ERU
Re: is i harder to race crappy teams or are they the same27 Mar 2006Is a listing of this information available anywhere for each car? Not everyone follows the real F1
Unrealistic blocking?22 Mar 2006Lap 13 of Thruxton sprint, I'm 0.179s behind 7th place, superior setup (98 vs 83) same tire wear lef
Re: Worst luck ?22 Mar 20065-55% range seems pretty huge. One might consider a middle setting to be fairly conservative or saf
Re: Make it harder to get Spot On!19 Mar 2006Even if we don't get the choice to concentrate on certain sliders, would it not be logical to assume
Re: Make it harder to get Spot On!17 Mar 2006I've only done one warmup session now with the new testing rules, but my gut feeling is you may have
Re: Changing weather setup14 Mar 2006Curious here... how likely is the weather to change during a race session? I would assume dry i
Re: Different setup on spot14 Mar 2006This could be related to a bug I've found. If you find the "spot on" setting at say 55, then adjust

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