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User:Hannu Tuomainen
Jyska, Lansi-Suomen Laani
Joined:10 Mar 2006

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Re: Little idea...13 Mar 2006I don't think this is a good idea, because then drivers wouldn't know when the next session starts.
Re: Race strategy-->start tyre13 Mar 2006I was trying to make a strategy for the race that I saved 1.3 tyres because I though pitcrew would c
Ability to "lock" your teammate12 Mar 2006I was just thinking, would it be an idea that when you start a season and form a new team, you could
Re: Danish Touringcar Championship12 Mar 2006About generic versus real-life sets... At least I like making my own team, makes it "look like yo
Re: NASCAR12 Mar 2006That's a good point by the way. The more variety of carsets, more players, more chance for donati
Re: NASCAR12 Mar 2006Would be excellent to have all NASCAR rules and setup choises here. Of course it's a total new serie
NASCAR11 Mar 2006I bet there would be interest for a NASCAR type of carset too with all the wedge, weight, grill tape

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