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Kanton Solothurn
Joined:10 Mar 2006

Most Recent Topics
Re: NEW PRIVATE CHAMP SERIES20 May 2006I'm in :-)
Re: Car Comparison24 Apr 2006In a private 2006 game where only player competed that knew how BATracer works (no noobs), I finishe
Expand...24 Mar 2006Hello, I really like BATracer and I donated a small amount of money since it's entertaining and I'd
Re: Fire my driver 218 Mar 2006Same happend to me... My teammate left the game and is now always competing with the setup from the
Re: greater control for private game organisers16 Mar 2006(11:05:50 Thu 16 Mar 06 GMT) Jules wrote:<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 id=tx><tr><td i
Re: Private Games can advance manually, interested in 8 hour game?15 Mar 2006I'm in! If you still want to do it...
Little idea...13 Mar 2006Hello, I really enjoy BATracer since last week, thanks for the great game! One thing I don't lik
Re: Danish Touringcar Championship10 Mar 2006Okay, there was the DTM before the Calibras and Alfas... I don't know that because I'm too young ;-)
Re: Danish Touringcar Championship10 Mar 2006DTM would be great! There is the old DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft) from the nineties with
Re: Hello!10 Mar 2006Hello! I joined as Leader of BMW Sauber and look forward to an exciting season! Thanks for this game

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