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Re: Link Saves Christmas24 Dec 2007I prefer The TV Playhouse Christmas Special. <A HREF=""
Re: MR2 carset's finally here!24 Dec 2007Already in before the PM. Thanks anyway. <img src=..//-s?23 align=middle>
Re: MR2 carset's finally here!24 Dec 2007I'm in now! Thanks. <img src=..//-s?23 align=middle>
Re: MR2 carset's finally here!24 Dec 2007My next public game slot will probably open in a couple of weeks, at least that's what I'm guessing.
Re: MR2 carset's finally here!24 Dec 2007I don't have a public slot available at this time. :/
Re: MR2 carset's finally here!24 Dec 2007Details meaning password of course. <img src=..//-s?23 align=middle> I guess I'll just have to si
Re: MR2 carset's finally here!24 Dec 2007OK, where?
Re: MR2 carset's finally here!23 Dec 2007There was probably a higher priority on some features. Anyway, I'm hoping that someone makes a MR2
Re: MR2 carset's finally here!23 Dec 2007Well, it's about time! I wish I had an avilable slot... and some luck. From the looks of it, the M
Re: CyberTennis II - Week #1621 Dec 2007That is correct, obviously. I won the final in Rio de Janeiro. Well, it's about time I won somethi
Re: CyberTennis II - Week #1620 Dec 2007I'm in the semifinals of the Rio de Janeiro Regional. I haven't been in the past few tournaments be
Re: Race of Champions ***Cation Spoilers***18 Dec 2007I didn't see it (I don't even know if it was on TV here to begin with), but I checked to see how the
Re: F1 or other racing movies.8 Dec 2007Wait, Jeremy Clarkson had a voice in Cars? <img src=..//-s?25 align=middle> Oh wait, it was the U
Re: Guilty but not to be punished?7 Dec 2007Well, Renault was gonna get penalized, but they bribed the FIA with Astérix comics. <img src=..//-s?
Re: Shut up and Drive!7 Dec 2007Darn, and I thought that the long awaited sequel to "Barkley Shut Up and Jam!" was announced. I w
Re: FAO Jerry Ross6 Dec 2007Yes, I want to know how do I shot web. <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle>
Re: Cyberdunk5 Dec 2007People have been almost thinking about what I've been up to lately. <img src=..//-s?23 align=middle>
Re: Is Europe a country?30 Nov 2007The fact that a bunch of people came to watch an orchestra do nothing is funnier than watching rando
Re: Interest Check: Collision & Crash Challenge29 Nov 2007A reward for crashing out? Count me in, I'm like the king of randomized problems (maybe). <img src=
Re: CyberTennis II - Week #1624 Nov 2007I think you lost because your name is too long. <img src=..//-s?23 align=middle> Anywaym I forgot
Re: More exciting than F1!!!!!!12 Nov 2007They don't stand a chance against this hamster below. <img src=..//-s?23 align=middle> <IMG SRC="
Re: CyberTennis12 Nov 2007And once again, I lose in the first round...
Re: Arkansas Woman Killed in 'Mistaken Raptur12 Nov 2007Welcome to the year 2001. How can I help you? <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle>
Re: CyberTennis12 Nov 2007I'm hoping to do better than the last couple of tournaments. A first round loss in the last tournam
Re: CyberTennis2 Nov 2007My goodness! I can't believe I made it this far! The quarterfinal match turned out to be an inte
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