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Re: Cyberdunk2 Feb 2008It looks like the fifth season is set to begin. It's looking like there will be econimic changes li
Re: A Youtube Poop by... me. :)30 Jan 2008OK then, no problem. Sorry that I accidently necrobumped your old topic (which I censored as if the
Re: Super Bowl Discussion30 Jan 2008It's a tough call. I expect the Patriots to win in a close game. But, I'm a Jets fan, so having to
Re: A Youtube Poop by... me. :)30 Jan 2008Easy there. I went through a posting problem that somehow bumped an old topic... so the post above
Re: A Youtube Poop by... me. :)30 Jan 2008I've been going through a posting difficulty lately, so I must've neglected the text processing opti
Re: A Youtube Poop by... me. :)30 Jan 2008ARGH! I must've been frustrated after going through a bug that prevented me from making a new topic
A Youtube Poop by... me. :)30 Jan 2008[I originally meant to post this as a topic, but I mistakingly posted in a really old topic. Sorry
Re: I Made a Youtube Poop30 Jan 2008Ah darn it... I though I was posting a topic... x_x Disregard this while I make a new topic...
Re: I Made a Youtube Poop30 Jan 2008I made a topic here last year about how there's this thing called Youtube Poop. I figured, why not
Re: Cyberdunk30 Jan 2008It was mostly a show up and play thing with the exception of a couple of human-managed teams. There
Re: Cyberdunk30 Jan 2008I'm playing in the UK, but I'm in the lower divisions. The team I'm in became undefeated in Divisio
Re: Nintendo DS / DS Lite Friend Codes?27 Jan 2008I sold my copy of Mario Kart DS a while back. The online is bugged out, dominated by crazy snakers.
Wow! I can't believe what I found!27 Jan 2008I was looking through some VCR tapes and I discovered that one of them had a recording of a Formula
Re: So, we're all going to die at the end of the week.24 Jan 2008And so here comes pointless end-of-the-world predicion #314159265. The day will pass, no one will d
Re: Street Fighter US Cartoon7 Jan 2008The Street Fighter cartoon could best be described in the following 30 second video. <object widt
Re: Pics of ur girls !7 Jan 2008I was just about to post a harem of fictional girls before I read the fine print... <img src=..//-s?
Re: What country is 1st into the new year?30 Dec 2007<A HREF="" target=EUysg></A> I
Re: *Interest Check* MR2 Private25 Dec 2007Even though I'm already in an MR2 private game, I would like to join another once I have a private s
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