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Re: Le Mans18 Jun 2008It's Capeta, right? I've watched the first half of the anime (fansubbed) sometime last year. I'll
Re: Jenson Buttons screenname ??18 Jun 2008No, this is Jenson Button. <IMG SRC="">
Re: Driven6 Jun 2008That's what I was wondering, too.
Re: National Rankings31 May 2008That sounds like a great idea. I would like to see seperate lists by nation, which I suppose would
Re: Race driver - GRID24 May 2008I'd be excited for this, but I don't have a 360/PS3. Also, I don't have a PC that's capable of hand
Re: Interest Check: Open Wheel Legends Re-Run22 May 2008Uhh... I requested Mario Andretti several days ago, yet I don't understand why Omar got him just now
Re: Ferrari Challenge18 May 2008The back end looks like you smashed it apart and then pieced it back together. <img src=..//-s?30 al
Re: Interest Check: Open Wheel Legends Re-Run16 May 2008I would like to join is as Mario Andretti. This looks like an interesting idea. <img src=..//-s?1
Re: Ferrari Challenge16 May 2008OK, it looks like the European and Italian Ferrari Challenge series has some differences from the No
Re: Ferrari Challenge16 May 2008Been looking through the rules of the Ferrari Chellenge series and here's what I know about the race
Ferrari Challenge15 May 2008You know, I'm amazed that nobody even made a suggestion for this as of yet. But I feel that there
Re: My World Records!28 Apr 2008I got a modest 6 top 10 records. I guess that's not too bad. <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle>
Re: ChampCar/IRL Merge?20 Feb 2008<A HREF="" target=EekHA>ca
Re: I set up a fantasy NASCAR league. :)16 Feb 2008Actually, the person that needed help setting up his league already appeared to give his league anot
Re: Learn not to celebrate before the proper time...16 Feb 2008That video reminds me of this below picture. <IMG SRC=""> Is
I set up a fantasy NASCAR league. :)16 Feb 2008There's only a couple of days left until the Daytona 500, but I'm hoping I can get a couple of peopl
Re: Would anyone here be interested in a fantasy MLB league?15 Feb 2008I'll join in. I'm not much of a fantasy sports guy, but the best I've ever done was when I won in a
Re: Official NASCAR thread 200812 Feb 2008I was wondering if any of the NASCAR fans here want to form a fantasy league for the coming season.
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