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Joined:9 Mar 2006

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Re: Anybody still about from 2006?25 Mar 2012Yuri is just about correct, except these ponies look more like this: <IMG SRC="http://www.blogcdn
Re: Anybody still about from 2006?24 Mar 2012Ah yeah, I still am a mod somehow, but I supposed I'm loved and missed so much that I still have the
Re: Anybody still about from 2006?23 Mar 2012Let's see if anyone remembers who I am. <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle> Boy, it's been a reaaaaaall
Re: A strange idea, worth a shot...14 Apr 2009I'm declaring my interest here. <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle> I'll bring in my Ratings later i
Re: Funniest Youtube Vid I've Seen In A While..11 Apr 2009<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="
Re: Funniest Youtube Vid I've Seen In A While..10 Apr 2009I didn't laugh at all. <img src=..//-s?15 align=middle><img src=..//-s?15 align=middle><img src=..//
Re: Official NASCAR thread 20098 Feb 2009I've set up a fantasy league for NASCAR at <A HREF="
Re: Official NASCAR thread 20097 Feb 2009Actually, I created a fantasy league over at I'll send an invite to all those who are in
Re: Official NASCAR thread 20097 Feb 2009Would anyone be interested in putting together a NASCAR fantasy league for this season? Perhaps if
Re: Looking for a good computer29 Jan 2009These two links here should give you a good start. Of course, prices may very and could be higher o
Re: Looking for a good computer29 Jan 2009I must've not been thinking right when I posted. <img src=..//-s?15 align=middle> Anyway, we neve
Re: Looking for a good computer26 Jan 2009There are a couple of guides to building budget gaming PCs if that's what you're looking for. I'm
Re: Croatia 2009 - World Handball Championship - Men24 Jan 2009Handball? I remember playing this sport in school a couple of times. <img src=..//-s?25 align=middl
Re: Did you know?; Bat fun facts17 Jan 2009No, but I can say that I've been part of the v2 test.
Re: Beautiful thing with the stars...14 Jan 2009The star system would be more effective if you're restricted to rating your past teammates. This wa
Re: The bloke on Channel 4+114 Jan 2009It also doesn't work for those outside the UK. Also, I like to ask questions or something to that
Re: The bloke on Channel 4+114 Jan 2009Who?
Re: Interest Check : The official Indy 500 Private game13 Jan 2009Daniel Velovic, USA <A HREF="" target=EzehJ></A>
Re: Indycar Part 2!!!10 Jan 2009I missed the guinea pig games due to having all of my slots filled up, but I like what I'm seeing.
Re: ROC Live17 Dec 2008Travis Pastrana was going to represent the US in the Race of Champions, but he got injured during a
Re: Gold/silver/bronze medals to decide F1 championship?20 Nov 2008<IMG SRC="">
Re: An Apology29 Sep 2008I got hit with that problem, but I'm a smart person so I managed to recover with a little work. <img
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