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User:Rasmus Nordkvist
Kobenhavn, Kobenhavn
Joined:9 Mar 2006

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Re: F1 2006 - Williams29 Mar 2006Yeah, well it might be me misreading the Comparison chart also. Lets see what happens. Doesn't hu
F1 2006 - Williams28 Mar 2006Looking at the new car comparison and seeing Williams' performance i think its a bit low. In Bahrain
Re: Kool Tools20 Mar 2006I think its good because it mostly just takes the manual calculations out of some things and gives y
Re: Kool Tools20 Mar 2006Well it still takes some team work. Now you also have more time to focus on strategy and post-analys
Kool Tools20 Mar 2006Congratulations on adding Kool Tools. I think its a great idea to get some more donators! Look fo
Re: Mobile success!15 Mar 2006Well the bookmark workaround works so no rush. I'd rather see more cool features :-D The mobility
Mobile success!15 Mar 2006I've been testing BATracer on my mobile phone running Windows mobile 2003 and it really works well i
Re: Tyre Wear Bug10 Mar 2006Ahh i thought i noticed something wrong there. How about the ability to switch compound (soft > hard

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