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Re: The Batracer DTM Cup 2019Thu 14 Feb<A HREF="" target=EUkD9></A> the correct link to P
wohoo29 Dec 2018post 1500
Re: The Stress Thread XLIII29 Dec 2018Retired from P1 in the last 10 laps in a GP2013 once again... while fighting for the title... my mai
Re: Ask a Batracer Related Question Thread29 Dec 2018Yeah, it's Kristjan Aas - risky move though, one awol and his account is useless <img src=..//-s?23
Re: BAT down?20 Dec 2018happy I am now batracer is backracer it is not the end
Re: BAT down?20 Dec 2018oh why batracer must you be broken for me right now when needed
Re: Anyone noticed...15 Dec 2018He's been doing it again... I asked him, he is collecting car liveries :/ Let's just hope he gets
Re: Lights to Flag 415 Dec 2018Ah yeah should've mentioned that, I run everything on compatibility mode for Windows XP lmao But
Re: Lights to Flag 414 Dec 2018I've successfully created carsets with this older (I think) carsetbuilder.exe, hoping it will work f
Re: The Very Newest General Discussion Thread11 Dec 2018not f­ucking again
Re: Anyone noticed...11 Dec 2018and I broke the other one as well, jeez, I suck at this
Re: Anyone noticed...11 Dec 2018I broke the link by accident, oops
Re: Anyone noticed...11 Dec 2018 because I can't bother with trying to post an imgur pic directly, sorry
Re: Anyone noticed...11 Dec 2018#80398 - 97 Private game, "GPCA Reboot: Heritage Season 6" -------------- for #80399 - #80441 just
Re: Anyone noticed...10 Dec 2018I can certainly try - but wait about 10 minutes
Re: quick question3 Dec 2018I just joined one in a 97 Minardi, so I guess there are
Re: BAT down?18 Nov 2018Jeez, I finally have free time to do my already late runs - and it's down lol Sorry Mat, Rens, Il
Re: Have a Gloat XLII, for all your gloating needs!6 Nov 2018Oh, that's a shame <img src=..//-s?16 align=middle>
Re: Have a Gloat XLII, for all your gloating needs!5 Nov 2018wow, f<img src=/-i?11 align=middle>k, I messed this up I meant to strike the entire part "a wry g
Re: Have a Gloat XLII, for all your gloating needs!4 Nov 2018Wait, really? Oh, nice
Re: Have a Gloat XLII, for all your gloating needs!4 Nov 2018(18:23:02 Sun 4 Nov 18 GMT) J-Pow wrote:<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 id=tx><tr><td id
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