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Locale:Czech Republic
Praha, Praha, Hlavni Mesto
Joined:4 Apr 2012

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Re: Please Can a Mod Ban This Player4 Nov 2016Inteligence Quoeficient yes at its best it is momentary allertness indicator and at its worst it is
Re: Private game 19995 May 2016nevermind game started
Private game 199930 Apr 2016only handfull of top tier team spots left but most rest of the field is open (sans minardi because t
9 more people required25 Mar 2015Looking for people who do not mind driving slow cars or crash constantly (i must be jinxed given how
Re: private ninety nine21 Mar 2015game started
Re: private ninety nine20 Mar 2015just need one more person to join in for prost (we will shortman it) and we are good to go
private ninety nine17 Mar 2015game number #75605 Ninty Nine Open (name) Series: Classic 99 Join URL: <A HREF="http://batracer.c
Re: Classic 992 Oct 2014the game has been suxcesfully filled.
Re: Classic 992 Oct 2014last 2 spots to fill: Minardi and Arrows - do not let those guys run those teams solo please
Re: Classic 9930 Sep 2014Prost and Bar are now filled so we have only 4 seats left. Minardi and Arrows
Re: Classic 9929 Sep 2014time left: 7 days seats left 6 still anavible: BAR 1 Seat Arrows 2 Seats Prost 1
Re: Classic 9928 Sep 2014Williams is now filled Jordan was created and filled Sauber was created and filled still anavib
Re: Classic 9928 Sep 20141 seat of Williams and 1 seat of BAR were taken
Classic 9926 Sep 2014Classic 99 #74681 <A HREF="" target=Eka21>
Re: F1 86 Real Names/Full Grid/Upgrade25 Sep 2014awww and i was going to join your game
Re: mid-season replacements23 Aug 2014seriously people what is wrong with you?! sorry that was just to lighten the mood. as for the st
Re: mid-season replacements22 Aug 2014yeah but this is perfect time to ask for this for NG - while it is still being created. I assum
clan management22 Aug 2014it would be nice to have some way to pick who do you race with (particullary if you have bad experie
mid-season replacements22 Aug 2014i would personally allow (at least K-tool owners) to set up their afk mode in advance. example: LME
Re: Replacements for AWOL VI15 Oct 2013game has finished
offering / looking for clan29 Sep 2013i am very particullar about clan i would join so first i offer you clan that i have and give it abou
Re: Replacements for AWOL VI29 Sep 201371882 no password some teams looks like 1 manned so join in if you want to
Re: Private Ninety Nine11 Sep 2013the game has beed filled up, there dose not seem to be anny seat anavible from AWOLers at the moment
Re: Private Ninety Nine10 Sep 2013LAST team left Arrows - both seats.
Re: Private Ninety Nine10 Sep 20132 arrows 1 prost seat are left aswell as 2 days before start
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