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User:Dug Hanson
Locale:United Kingdom
Saint Albans
Joined:25 Nov 2010

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Re: Clan Rankings5 Aug 2016Not sure anyone cares (or they'd have said something), but I'm pretty sure world records haven't bee
Re: Clan Rankings1 Aug 2016Game archiving also frozen for at least the last week, I think. Someone needs to slap the top of th
Re: Please Can a Mod Ban This Player28 Jul 2016Yeah, racing a season with JPow is enough to drive anyone into inactivity <img src=..//-s?18 align=m
Re: Please Can a Mod Ban This Player27 Jul 2016Great to know you're on the job, Matthew. Feels like a bit of a n00b question, but how are people t
Re: Custom Livery23 Apr 2016*Sigh*
Re: Custom Livery23 Apr 20161) Are you the team leader? If not, you can't edit the livery. If you select "upload livery", you
Re: Ask a Batracer Related Question Thread29 Jan 2016If your team name wasn't deemed acceptable, I wonder how this clan name has survived since November?
Re: The Stress Thread XLIII1 Jan 2016Indeed. <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle>
Re: The Stress Thread XLIII1 Jan 2016I know this risks coming across as a humblebrag, but... During 2015 I got the impression that, wh
Re: Happy new year!1 Jan 2016Happy New Year to all, and here's to another year of great BAT Classic racing.
Re: Who is still alive?26 Dec 2015Well, as promised I waited till it was seasonally appropriate, and watched "Elf" on Xmas Eve. Expec
Re: Team with the combined oldest age7 Dec 2015Ooh, harsh. But funny. <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle>
Re: Crash19 Nov 2015Means the other driver is AWOL - last discussed here: <A HREF="$1N//-ff
Re: Have a Gloat XLI, for all your gloating needs!14 Nov 2015It has taken 6 years 9 months, and 446 series across two accounts, but I have just clocked up my 100
Re: Mexican GP30 Oct 2015Never noticed that terrible neck tattoo before.
Re: Server Move26 Aug 2015Yep, all good for me now thanks.
Re: Server Move26 Aug 2015Email notifications (private messages, new games) not been working for me for a few days now. Just
Re: Brisca F1 Stockcars13 Aug 2015"This is the future of scrolling..."
Re: World records28 Jul 2015See this post from 2011 - <A HREF="$1N//-ff?-fi?1&../8Cf/-ft&../8Cf/-fm
Re: Silly Driver Names23 Jul 2015Also both registered on the same day (30 April).
Re: Can we please use the Batracer Facebook Account22 Jul 2015<img src=..//-s?20 align=middle> Desperately sad news. Alex is such a friendly and warm guy, my tho
Re: quick question13 Jul 2015...or weren't invited to join... <img src=..//-s?38 align=middle>
Re: Who is still alive?28 Jun 2015Welcome back; enjoy your sabbatical?
Re: Have a Gloat XLI, for all your gloating needs!27 Jun 2015Well I never. Scarcely dare ask, but what does the bishop ( <img src=..//-s?34 align=middle> ) mean
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