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User:Michael Yapriadi
Jakarta, [Jakarta City Capital Region]
Joined:22 Oct 2016

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Re: The New General Discussion Thread15 Oct 2017What about 56 so STR got f<img src=/-i?11 align=middle>ked up abit? <img src=..//-s?39 align=middle>
Re: The New General Discussion Thread8 Oct 2017Leclerc has won the title
Re: Ask a Batracer Related Question Thread8 Oct 2017He/She has been eaten by a shark in Bahamas <img src=..//-s?23 align=middle>
Re: Forum down?7 Oct 2017Some forum pages are unacessible with "The connection was reset" messages.
Re: Multi accounters2 Oct 2017<img src= "">
Re: Rumour Mill 2.05 Sep 2017McLaren will be yellow if he came <img src=..//-s?23 align=middle>
Re: Rumour Mill 2.05 Sep 2017Sean Gelael stated that he will continue driving in F2 for 2018. Glad that he awares about his sk
Re: Rumour Mill 2.04 Aug 2017Even Super Medium hasn't been there! <img src=..//-s?30 align=middle>
Re: Multi accounters2 Aug 2017I see a lot of Jadison Silva in the game..
Re: 2017 Hungarian GP30 Jul 2017A perfect birthday for Alonso tbh <img src=..//-s?14 align=middle>
Re: 2017 Hungarian GP30 Jul 2017Verstappen, the next Kvyat?
Re: 2017 Hungarian GP29 Jul 2017Why Palmer always go for P11 on quali? weird <img src=..//-s?23 align=middle>
Re: BAT down?27 Jul 2017Still empty response for me too. But Thomas Smythefield said that everything is normal as usual...
Re: BAT down?26 Jul 2017got empty response here...
Re: Silly Driver Names18 Jul 2017Car Master lol
Re: 2017 British GP18 Jul 2017Not much differences with me <img src=..//-s?23 align=middle>
Re: 2017 British GP16 Jul 2017Kvyat really wants to be Maldonado <img src=..//-s?25 align=middle>
Re: 2017 Austria GP9 Jul 2017Is Kvyat the next Maldonado?
Re: Chat to a stranger!8 Jul 2017He must be Habib Rizik since he hates American and he's Indonesian lol
Re: Stroll30 Jun 2017No, this is an awesome advert lol
Re: FU Baku GP28 Jun 2017Hey they're consistent(ly not scoring points)! <img src=..//-s?39 align=middle> Antonio Fuocco al
Re: FU Baku GP27 Jun 2017Gelael is the worst thing Red Bull ever had. He did nothing around his career. His father is so obes
Re: FU Baku GP25 Jun 2017Aaandd Stroll is the Driver of the Day
Re: FU Baku GP25 Jun 2017It's not Sauber first points...
Re: FU Baku GP25 Jun 2017I think it's an advantage of safety cars. Everybody lost their gaps, so why he couldn't?
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