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User:Auzzie Donkey
Melbourne, Victoria
Joined:23 Apr 2016

Most Recent Topics
Re: Weather Condition28 Apr 2016What about if it's a choice between Slick and Rain?
Weather Condition28 Apr 2016If the weather forecast for the race is drizzle should people use intermediate or a soft?
Re: Custom Livery24 Apr 2016I first played the game years ago, might as well play it before it again before it shuts down.
Re: Custom Livery23 Apr 2016I want an F1 Livery and it i'm not the team leader, but the weird thing is it doesn't say that I hav
Re: Custom Livery23 Apr 2016It doesn't come up with yellow car template.
Custom Livery23 Apr 2016I was just wondering how do I make my car? I can't find anything to create it, all I can find is car

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