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User:Daniel Bouchard
Ottawa, Ontario
Joined:11 Feb 2016

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Re: Daniel's A-AM Series22 Sep 2016Season 1 now 3 Seats available if we get more great! i hope to start o
Re: Replacements for AWOL VI22 Sep 2016looking to join by Season 23 because i'll be on and off and may miss a few seasons due to me hosting
Re: Silly Driver Names18 Sep 2016Cid Styles
Re: BAT Racer site intermittently slow for 2 days now16 Sep 2016I've been able to get on ok...i'll check this weekend once i'm on a windows 1 computer
Daniel's A-AM Series16 Sep 2016Season 1 now <A HREF="" target=EQ2LW></A>
Re: Silly Driver Names16 Sep 2016Alex Premat
Re: Silly Driver Names10 Sep 2016Most Likely is.
Re: Ask a Batracer Related Question Thread8 Sep 2016agreed
Re: Who is still alive?5 Sep 2016Don't get me started
Re: Who is still alive?5 Sep 2016Teamed With Him in a Classic 99 Private Game and he sucks
Re: Please Can a Mod Ban This Player16 Aug 2016get the popcorn f1rejects war incoming
Re: Ask a Batracer Related Question Thread16 Aug 2016I agree. 99' Is awesome. never played 07' without having to go away (blame school)
Re: Ask a Batracer Related Question Thread14 Aug 2016Read Comment
Re: 86 Mania Season 1/46 Jun 2016one at beleton two at whatever the next team will be
Re: Have a Gloat XLI, for all your gloating needs!1 Jun 2016 GP 2002 77597 A1-Ring lap 15 of 71 Daniel Bouchard (P19) overtakes Jacob Parker! Daniel Bouchard
86 Mania Season 1/430 May 2016 Players will need to be registered and logged in before they can enter the private game. When logg
Re: Who is still alive?30 May 2016I can confirm i still exist. the only reason i went AWOL was i got caught up in school but i am back
GP 200728 Mar 2016All Seats Open Join Here <A HREF="" target=EeHsv>
Is BAT Down?15 Mar 2016Comment Says it All
Re: Have a Gloat XLI, for all your gloating needs!8 Mar 2016Melbourne Daniel Jembrek Jodran Interlagos JeanLuc Taylor Team Wales Buenos Aires
Re: Silly Driver Names7 Mar 2016Motorsport News 14:50 Today Driver sacked! Damon Hill replaced by Mini Max
Re: Ask a Batracer Related Question Thread28 Feb 2016Indy '08 Has Real Team Names And Is A Historically Accurate Series
Re: Classic 9722 Feb 2016Closed
Re: Classic 9721 Feb 2016Tyrell Only Available
Classic 9720 Feb 201677212 2 Spots Available Lola And Tyrell no password
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