Random Tip

Marking Messages As Read

Provided you are not in guest mode, there are numerous ways you can mark a message or topic so that it has been "read". The first is simply by clicking on or reading a message, in which case that message no longer has a "new message" icon next to it. Read all the messages in a topic.

If you only read parts of a forum that interest you, make use of the MTAR, MRAR and MAAR controls. MTAR sets all of a topic's message as read - useful if you begin reading and then decide that topic is of no interest to you (if you have downloaded the ftlogSUS, you could also use "Ignore Topic" too!).

MRAR will mark all the messages in a room individually as read. Again, if you have the ftlogSUS you may simply refer to not download a rooms messages if it is never of any interest. Finally, MAAR marks all the messages as read across all rooms.

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