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Tangent Topics

Ever found a topic started by one user rapidly going off-topic as somebody else picks up on a point, the discussion rapidly developing in such a way that the original message is completly unrelated? Thankfully, with the threaded view design of ftlog this isn't as large a problem as with more traditional "flat" forums.

The original starter of the topic may be less than impressed however, so make use of the "Tangent" option when replying to a message. This will mark the point in the thread when the topic literally goes off at a tangent, with all subsequent replies shaded in a different colour allowing users to see what is and is not related to the original discussion. The topic list also contains a tangent icon too, to indicate that this topic is not just about what the topic title suggests. Multiple tangents are also possible.

The thread view coupled with the tangent system allows much more involving "conversations" to take place, and is far less limiting and annoying that traditional flat forums which generally have to remain on topic or if they do change, only change in one direction. Essentially, ftlog is a "3d" forum whereas more traditional systems are "2d".

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