Random Tip

Different ways to "read" the forum

ftlog doesn't force you down a particular route to take part in a group - in fact we are developing different ways all the time to suit individual users preferences, circumstances, speed and availability of an Internet connection. Some of the ways currently available to you are:

  • Clicking on individual messages in your browser. This is the most common method for browser users and gives you complete control to skip parts of a thread and visualise it.
  • Use of the "expand thread" option. A popular addition to the feature set, it allows a large thread to be represented by a single page. Uniquely, the threaded structure remains. Great for scan reading too.
  • Use of the message up/down arrows. An alternative to clicking on messages, although a user can sometimes lose sight of which way the thread struture is "turning". A quick way to scan through a quick-fire list of responses though.
  • The ftlogSUS. By far the best way to participate in a forum as a whole! Messages from a complete day can be downloaded in less time it takes to open up a topic in your browser, the messages can also be read by any of the methods listed here, or simply by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. It's main benefits are speed, and it is particulary suited to low bandwidth environments.
  • We are working on several other ways to read, participate and download topics and messages. Watch this space!

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