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The bandwidth table gives a summary of two things.

  • Bandwidth used by the forum as a whole for each month
  • Bandwidth used by each user, sorted by heaviest users first
  • Clicking on a month shows user usage tables for previous months. The number of hits is also listed.

    What is the purpose of bandwidth counting?

    After hardware, the costs of a forum are based on how much data is transferred. ftlog gives a reasonable amount of free bandwidth out to it's forum owners, but heavy users typically have to pay for additional usage (it's not fair to expect somebody else to pick up the tab!). The table maintains a record of true bandwidth use, and unlike other providers ftlog are happy to display the exact usage rather than fob you off with an alternative method of counting use (such as hits, which as you can see from the user table, are not reflective of true data transfer!).

    How can I reduce my bandwidth usage?

    ftlog does not directly bill users for heavy use at present, we only list a user table purely as an information resource for the forums user base as a whole. However, by far the best way to save bandwidth is to use the ftlogSUS. This bypasses much of the overhead of accessing the forum with a browser (such as formatting pages with additional HTML metatags), and aside from a whole number of other benefits is also much quicker!

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